Could countries alternate WRC seasons?

Like all motorsport calendars the WRC has seen many changes over the years and some classic events have fallen by the wayside while fresher unknown events have popped up splitting opinions. With the current world rally cars capturing the imagination and sparking life into the championship countries are lining up for a place on the calendar while classic events are trying hard to continue improving. That point alone is fantastic for the sport with events everywhere trying to impress and therefore improving the championship as a whole.

Below I will share what I see as a potential calendar option for the promoters, ensuring the world in the world rally championship is included while also maintaining the high standard classic events. A large part of this calendar relies on a key decision, events rotating on a yearly basis making two countries share a calendar slot. With so many events and manufacturers not willing to greatly extend the championship, this idea keeps the calendar at 14 events while allowing variety amongst the rounds.

To make this work I only suggest the idea for events in similar locations, therefore cost shouldn’t vary hugely and the possibility for shared fan bases and sponsors. There is also opportunity for events on year outs of the WRC to run in ERC or similar championships therefore maintaining a yearly event of a reasonably high standard. These could still attract young and current drivers building experience.

So without further explanation here is my suggestion, what would you change? and do you think shared calendar slots could work?

1. Rally Monte-Carlo
2. Rally Sweden
3. Rally Canada
4. Rally Mexico / Chile
5. Rally Argentina
6. Rally Corsica
7. Rally Portugal / Spain
8. Safari Rally
9. Rally Finland
10. Rally Deutschland
11. Rally Italy (tarmac)
12. Rally GB / Rally Ireland
13. Rally Japan
14. Rally Australia / New Zealand